Hurricane Ian Flooring Relief Program

As members of the Southwest Florida community, our hearts go out to all the people impacted by Hurricane Ian. We know that thousands of families are faced with replacing the flooring in their home and we have a special program available to help offset the costs of a floor replacement.

Whether you are looking for a watersafe laminate, LVP floor, or a durable hardwood flooring option, we have plenty of inventory available. Our Naples Design Showroom is open and we welcome you to stop by to take home a sample of these floors.

Price Point $2.39/sqft $2.39/sqft $2.99/sqft $3.99/sqft $3.99/sqft
Collections: Ponderosa Redolent Wels, Lienz Steyr 1875 Collection
Species/Type: Birch LVP Rigid Core SPC NeuWood NeuWood White Oak
Width: 5″ 7″ 7.6″ 7.6″ 6″
Thickness: 3/8″ 4.5mm 8mm, 10mm 12mm 3/8″
Wear Layer: 1.5mm 12mil AC4 AC4 1.5mm
Warranty: 25 Year 40 Year 30 Year, Lifetime Lifetime 25 Year

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Please note: these prices are valid through the end of 2022 and are only available to customers in the Southwest Florida community impacted by Hurricane Ian.

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It is important to work with a knowledgeable flooring supplier you can trust to deliver quality products. We have been local members of the Southwest Florida community for over 8 years and we know the importance of keeping promises so you can finish your flooring project on-budget, on-time, and on-design.

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We are proud to serve clients throughout Southwest Florida, including: Estero – Fort Myers – Lee County – Bonita Springs – Cape Coral – North Fort Myers – Punta Gorda – Port Charlotte – Lehigh Acres – Sarasota – Boca Raton.

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Our Naples Design Showroom is open Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm for you to visit and make selections. We have cut samples available for you to take home and we can also arrange to meet you at your job site.

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We know how frustrating it can be to have to wait for weeks or months for your floor to be delivered. We have local inventory available, and quick replenishment from our distribution center. You won’t have to wait long for your floor to be ready.

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— Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damaged Floors

Our Technical team has put together answers to many questions you may be dealing with when it comes to water damaged floors. We are happy to work with you on any specific questions you have when it comes to your floors and will give your our best advice on what you should do at no charge. Contact our Naples Team today.

How to determine if you have water damaged floors

If your floor is wet to the touch or has visible moisture on the surface, or you notice water seeping through the seams of the boards when you step on them, you may have further water damage. Other symptoms and problems to look for are:

  • Dark or discolored areas
  • Warped boards
  • Blistered or peeling finish
  • Loose or uneven boards
  • Boards that are buckling or coming up off the subfloor
  • Squeaky spots or areas of the floor that move when stepped on
  • Cupping or rippling between boards
  • Delaminating layers of engineered flooring boards
  • Elevated moisture readings using a digital wood floor moisture meter

You may notice areas of discoloration in the wood, including dark or light patches, or finish that is blistering or peeling off the floorboards.

Structural issues will likely be changes to the shape of the board, including cupping, rippling, or warping.

Many small spills are likely to evaporate before they cause significant damage.

However, large water leaks, floods due to storms, or slow leaks or drips that go unnoticed for a long period of time can cause damage.

Anytime water has been sitting on a floor for more than a few hours, you should suspect possible damage.

What happens when water gets underneath your wood flooring

Wooden subfloors, typically made from plywood, OSB, or other types of wooden boards, are likely to be affected whenever water soaks into them. If a leak or flood sits on your floor for 24 hours or more and/or reaches the edges of your floor and seeps underneath your flooring, it likely will need to be dried out completely. Usually, this will mean removing the flooring on-top of your subfloor.

There are three things you should consider when making this decision:

  1. Is there structural damage to your subfloor?
  2. Will you be able to dry out your subfloor?
  3. Is there a chance of contamination from the type of flood or water damage to your subfloor?

If you see or suspect structural damage to your subfloor, it should always be replaced or repaired back to new condition.

What about "waterproof" laminate and LVP floors?

Many synthetic vinyl and composite wood-look flooring is advertised as 100% waterproof. What this means is that the boards are unlikely to swell or warp due to water damage (usually as long as it is dried up within 24 hours).

These floors are known to handle surface moisture and light water leaks well because as long as the water is dried up quickly, the floor is typically fine.

However, if water is left on the floor too long, or there is a flood across the entire floor, it is likely that water is seeped through the seams or around the edges of the floor and into the subfloor. In these cases, regardless if the boards themselves are waterproof, the floor must be removed and likely replaced, so the subfloor can be dried out and mold kept from growing.