Get a Perfect Match Every Time

Tired of losing time and money over mismatched flooring accessories?

Choosing FloorMade parts and patterns gives you a floor you’ll love without delaying your timeline or increasing your expenses.

Our products are handmade in West Plains, Missouri, with the same prefinished flooring we sell.

Flooring accessories are typically made with unfinished wood and stained to match the prefinished color. Often these parts arrive to the jobsite and don’t match the rest of the flooring – which means they need to be re-ordered, costing you time and money. Because FloorMadeTM uses the same prefinished flooring that’s being installed, the parts perfectly match the surrounding floor.

Avoid delays and get a perfect match with FloorMade’s ready-to-install flooring parts and patterns.

Available in vents, treads, nosing, and herringbone. Have a custom project in mind? We’re happy to help!

FloorMade Vents and Nosing

floormade vent
Flush Mount Vent
floormade nosing
Nosing – T-mold and reducers in stock!

FloorMade Treads

floormade stair treads
floormade picture frame tread
Picture Frame Tread Style
floormade shaker style tread
Shake Tread Style
floormade strip style tread
Strip Tread Style

FloorMade Herringbone

floormade herringbone
FloorMade Herringbone

Herringbone floors are beautiful and classic look, but are also labor intensive to produce. Short-cut the process by choosing Floormade – our herringbone flooring is cut to your project specifications and ready to install.

Custom Projects

Have an idea for a custom accent piece? We’re happy to help bring your ideas to life. Our team is equipped to build many other types of pieces – and all with our prefinished flooring!

Some Custom Pieces We’ve Built:

  • Floating Shelves
  • Mantels
  • Ceiling Beams

How to Create Stair Treads with Nosing

To help you create perfect match stair treads, we’ve created a guide for how to build stair treads with our nosing.

Get our step-by-step guide about how to create perfect match stair treads with our nosing. Click here for the full tutorial!

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