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Pallmann Magic Oil 2K: Easy Maintenance, Penetrating Oil Finish

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What is Pallmann Magic Oil 2K?

Magic Oil 2K is a 2-component hardened oil penetrating finish that colors and seals wood floors all in the same application. This finish is a truly modern appearance leaving a velvet-like texture and matte finish that’s easy to maintain.

Este video demuestra las técnicas de aplicación apropiadas de la aplicación de Pallmann Magic Oil 2K.

Advantages in using a hardened oil penetrating finish

One huge benefit is it withstands everyday foot traffic that can cause wood floors to look worn over time. When floors coated with Magic Oil 2K appear dry, easily rejuvenate them with a simple maintenance product, Magic Oil Care.

What if the floors get a scratch? We’ll look at this more in a minute, so, keep reading.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide from Pallmann about how to best apply Magic Oil 2K.

Step 1: How to Prep for Magic Oil 2K – Sanding, Water Popping, and Vacuuming

Follow best practices for sanding hardwood floors and don’t skip more than 1 grit. Complete your sanding with 100-120 grit and no higher. Wood grain closes up when using finer than 120 grit sandpaper, which results in some finish pooling atop the floors and not absorbing into the wood.

When using a multi-disc sander, like the Pallmann Spider, it’s recommended to stop at 100 grit. The more aggressive power from the multi-disc machines makes 100 grit paper perform more like 120 grit or higher.

A tip to get better oil penetration: water pop the floors. Using a water-dampened mop will open the wood grain of floors for better absorption of the finish. The more Magic Oil the flooring absorbs, the better the flooring will perform long term.

Finally, after sanding, vacuuming, and popping the grain, you’re ready to apply finish.

Can Magic Oil go over other stains?

Yes, if the oil-based stain is designed for flooring.

Magic Oil Neutral is the most natural finish that you can use without affecting the color of the stain being overcoated.

Alternatively, some older floors that are very absorbent, such as end grain floors, you can use a lower cost stain first before coating with Magic Oil. This gives you the color, texture, and benefits of Magic Oil 2K but also save some money on the process.

Thoroughly mixing the Magic Oil before adding in the hardener will ensure the pigment and hardener is evenly mixed throughout the product. However, only mix up what you can use within 45 minutes as any waste of the product is money down the drain.

Step 2: Combine Magic Oil and Hardener – But Not All At Once!

First thing – stir the magic oil before adding the hardener to make sure the pigment and hardener is evenly mixed.

Before adding the hardener, decide on the amount you intend to use and how long it will take to apply. In most scenarios, it’s best to only mix up part of it at a time. This will help you to avoid it getting too thick before you can use it all. The pot life of the oil is up to 45 minutes, max. You’ll set yourself up for success by only mixing what you can use in 30 minute segments.

Plan to use it as fast as you can! The chemical reaction between the two products will continue to harden in the can. If you have leftover product after a job, do not put the lid back on the can. The chemical reaction will continue to expand and can burst the can. Your time is more valuable than cleaning up Magic Oil off a jobsite!

Apply Magic Oil with a buffer or trowel. The most effective and least wasteful method is to trowel it on.

Step 3: Apply Magic Oil – Trowel or Buffer

There are two methods for applying Magic Oil 2K finish: use a red pad and buffer or use a stainless steel flat trowel.

Troweling is the most effective and least expensive method to apply the finish.

Occasionally, buffing is best used on textured and hand scraped or larger rooms. However, it wastefully uses more product and therefore, more money. Additionally, it takes more time to prep the buffer and pad. Especially when you have the extra step of using a red pad in corners and along edges where the buffer doesn’t reach.

Conversely, you can begin immediately applying finish using a trowel as soon as finish is mixed. Just remember to dull any sharp edges with a file or sandpaper. Otherwise, sharp edges can scratch the floor as you’re applying the finish.

Step 4: Let Magic Oil “Dwell” at Least 10 Minutes

Pallman introduces an important step after applying Magic Oil called, “dwell.” The idea is to allow the finish to dwell on the floors once it is applied. Simply, allow it to stand without being disturbed for 10-15 minutes before extracting the excess with a red/white buffer pad. When applying over a denser species, allow for a longer dwell time before extracting unabsorbed finish. Remember, you have up to 30 minutes before it becomes too tacky to buff off.

Giving it time to absorb provides more protection and deeper color penetration. It also means less product for you to buff off, making the next step even easier.

After the finish has set for 10-30 minutes, extract any excess with a buffer pad.

Step 5: Buff Off With a Red Pad, Then White Pad

Work with the grain to remove excess oil. Your goal is to remove the excess finish from the floor surface. Look for puddles, drips, drops, and pooling to extract. A helpful, time-saving tip is to use 17″ pads (on a 16″ buffer) to reach the walls and edges leaving less to do by hand.

After using a red pad, change to a white pad and continue buffing the entire room at a slower pace. In this final step, the white pad is the last thing to touch the floor. Similar to any other final coat application, start with a plan to work your way out of the room. Be observant of any footprints or other marks to hit with the pad as you finish the room.

Step 6: Apply the Second Coat of Oil

Prior to adding a second coat of Magic Oil 2K, the first coat should ideally set overnight.

An advantage when applying a second coat is the ability to get twice as much coverage as the first coat. Why is this? With the second coat, you’re simply adding a top layer over what is absorbed into the floors from the first coat. The second application therefore, doesn’t have the same open grain for the finish to penetrate.

For this second application, mix up as before, drizzle some of it on the floor then slowly work it into the flooring with a 17″ red pad. NOTE: a trowel application is not recommended for second coats. Best practice is to get enough oil on the flooring so that you can tell that it’s wet. Use a small piece of red pad for corners.

As far as dwell time, let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Use a red pad to extract any excess, then follow up with a white pad. Make sure you’re not leaving swirls or drips behind if the pad becomes over saturated.

How do you know when to change the pad?

With the red pad on the first coat, you’ll get drips on the sides of it when it’s overloaded with finish. When this occurs it is time to switch it out for a new pad. As a general rule, you will have gone over the floors twice with a red pad.

For the white pad, look for swirl marks. That’s a sign that the pad is smearing product around and needs to be replaced. You may go through several white pads until the excess finish is all removed.

How long should the homeowner wait before moving in again?

The dry time (when you can walk on with socks) and cure time (when you can move in furniture) depend on the color used.

Neutral: dry time – 4 hours, cure time – 12 hours
Colors: dry time – 12 hours, cure time – 24 hours

Este video detalla el uso correcto de Pallmann Magic Oil Care. Magic Oil Care es un limpiador ocasional que se utiliza en pisos terminados con Magic Oil.

How to Care For A Pallmann Magic Oil Floor

Pallmann has two great products designed specifically to be used on Magic Oil 2K floors.

For weekly care, use Pallmann Hardwood Cleaner. It’s PH-neutral, so it won’t harm the finish or leave a residue.

Once or twice a year as needed use Magic Oil Care to give your floors a refresh. It’s a rejuvenator that restores the original look when the floors were first coated. In higher traffic areas, CARE may be used several times a year.

Here’s the steps:

  • Squeeze the Magic Oil Care bottle to apply an even layer of product over a small area.
  • Using a dampened microfiber mop, spread the product working with the wood grain.
  • Proceed until the entire floor is coated. Use caution not to leave heavy lap lines or pooling.
  • The floors should be allowed to dry 20 minutes before resuming foot traffic.
To keep your Magic Oil looking great, follow these cleaning and care steps.

What is the durability of Pallmann Magic Oil 2K vs. Pallmann’s other finishes?

It’s equally as durable especially in regard to chemical resistance. When scratched or gouged, poly-film surface finishes show more damage as the scratch is on the polyurethane film. Since Magic Oil penetrates deep into the wood, scratches are not as obvious. As discussed previously, scratches are easy to repair with a bit of sandpaper and Magic Oil 2K. This makes a great option for commercial projects where quick repairs are necessary to minimize downtime to a business.

How to Repair A Magic Oil 2K Floor

It’s easy to repair scratches on oil finished floors because the oil has penetrated deep into the wood fibers. Comparatively, it’s similar to the method of caring for a cutting board. Most cutting boards just need a light sanding and another coat of oil to look like new. Likewise, you can easily repair isolated spots on Magic Oil coated floors.

How to repair an isolated scratched area:

  • Use board isolation to tape off the boards’ outer edges before sanding.
  • Then, hand sand only the scratched boards.
  • After removing or blending the scratch, vacuum the area and apply the same color Magic Oil to match the floors.
  • Once complete, remove the blue tape from the repaired area.

This straightforward DIY process doesn’t require an experienced tradesman to complete it. Unlike the more intricate process of repairing a scratch on polyurethane-coated film finished floors, which often requires a complete screen and re-coat.

For those who are well-versed in repairing a surface-stained floor, repairing Magic Oil floors is a cinch!

Want To Try Out Magic Oil 2K?

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