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Pallmann Spider: All-in-One Planetary Sander

If you’re in the flooring business, you know that sanding is a critical step in the refinishing process. In recent years, advancements in sanding technology have made it possible to achieve a high-quality results in less time than ever before. One such innovation is the Pallmann Spider sanding machine, which is designed to make sanding floors quieter, easier, and more consistent.

What are the advantages of the Pallmann Spider over other sanders?

The Spider is a quiet, all-in-one sander that leaves a remarkably smooth floor surface. With its compact design and large wheels, it’s easy to maneuver. Boasting a powerful 2.7 hp variable speed motor, it can handle the toughest sanding jobs. Similar to a buffer, it has an adjustable handle you can set to your preference. You can also adjust the RPMs from 80-400 to more finitely dial in the speed you need.

Each Spider comes with a dust skirt and containment system, as well as a toolkit, triple and single disc plates, power cord, and support pads.


Another key feature is the versatility of the Pallmann Spider to sand, edge, or buff. You can even prep the subfloor with the Spider. Depending on the job, you may be able to do all your sanding sequences without bringing in a big machine or edger. You can use Pallmann’s single buffer plate, triple-head drive plate, as well as any other standard (American Sanders) clutch accessories.

Consistent Results

The Spider is designed to give you a more even sanding of the floor. Each disc rotates individually in the same direction as the planetary motion of the machine moves the abrasives around in an orbital pattern. This motion eliminates any inconsistencies that may occur with traditional sanding methods. Combining the Spider with a ceramic sandpaper, you’ll get an even smoother result that looks professional.

Less Physical Toll

Because of the adjustable handle, easy roll wheels and light weight, the Spider is a powerful tool that won’t break your back. You’ll be less fatigued which lets you maintain quality work throughout the week. You can practically eliminate the need for edging on many jobs. Some businesses have stopped turning down small jobs that weren’t economically feasible to send a whole sanding crew. Now, it’s possible to send one person to handle them with just one machine–the Spider. It’s also just a lot quieter than other machines saving your hearing!

Easy to Use

Not only is it easy to maneuver around the floor, it is also an easy tool for someone to learn versus other machines. When adding new hires to your team, this type of machine can be a game-changer for getting new hires onboarded quicker. Like every tool, it won’t turn an amateur into a master overnight, but it does reduce the training time and can help someone new sand a better floor faster. You won’t be at risk for a new hire doing a lot of damage on their first day.

Unique benefits of the Spider: adjustable RPMs and soft switch start.

What makes the Spider different than other planetary machines?

More weight. While the Spider itself is lightweight at 88 lbs., you can add weight plates to the front of the machine to give the abrasive more cutting power.

Orbiting Direction. Rather than spinning in opposite directions, each 7″ drive head is rotating in the same direction. The larger 16″ plate is also rotating at a different speed making it orbital which results in an overall smoother sanded surface.

Sanding small spaces. Like an edger, this machine sands close to the wall. Leaving only 3/4″ next to the wall means no edger is needed when there are no baseboards.

See the Spider in action on the job! We went on the job with Luke, owner of Limitless Hardwood Co. in Denver, CO to see how his team has been using the Spider sanding machine and what benefits they’ve seen from the investment.

How can the Spider fit into your lineup?

It removes the need for a lot of edging and big machine work. We’ll say it again – every job is different, and you may still need other machines. But, when you can get within 3/4″ of the wall with the Spider, why would you not use it and leave the edger in the van?

Additionally, you can use the Spider for subfloor prep, even on concrete subfloors. Use the Ninja plate for adhesive removal or scarifying concrete. However, grinding concrete may be asking too much of the Spider. For more on subfloor prep pointers including grinding and leveling, check out this post.

Even so, once you’ve worked with the machine and tested it with quality sandpaper like Norton products, you may find that it eliminates the need for multiple machines. Because it functions like a sander, buffer, and edger, it can be a great option for smaller projects or a one-person crew.

The Spider can also be great to use with Pallmann Magic Oil 2k product because of the variable speed setting. Slowing down the speed is the best way to apply hardened oil like Pallmann Magic Oil.

pallmann spider
Pallmann Spider plus Norton Blaze sandpaper – a match made for flooring pros! Using a high quality sandpaper gives you the best scratch pattern and sanding with the Spider. Get more details about Norton Blaze products here.

How can the Pallmann Spider make you money?

Less Callbacks

Creating an end result that’s impeccable on the first visit is key to crafting a beautiful floor and moving on to the next job. Combining the Spider with quality sandpaper, you’ll be able to sand a smooth floor effectively and avoid homeowner complaints down the line.

Less Time Training New Hires

Training your crew to produce high quality floors takes time and patience, which also means more labor involved. While the Spider takes time to master, the learning curve is much reduced and there’s less risk of costly errors occurring when teaching a new hire.

Finish Small Jobs Quicker and Easier

For smaller jobs, it can seem like you’re putting in more effort as a bigger job when you have to bring in the same equipment. Because the Spider can function as a sander, edger, and buffer, you may be able to replace many projects with just using this one machine. This can improve the number of jobs you can tackle and potentially add a second crew to your team.

What maintenance is needed for the Spider?

Vacuum the dust from the triple head and underside after every use. If dust builds up, the machine and motor can become overheated. If a fuse blows, the machine comes with an extra one that you can replace and be back up and running in minutes. The chain will also need tightened from time to time and you’ll need to do it.


  • Switch between planetary and orbital drives
  • Sand small spaces and close to edges
  • Dual dust containment hoses
  • Adjustable handle and low motor height
  • Adjustable RPMs (80-400 RPM)
  • Soft switch start helps with operator safety
  • Large wheels to easily transport sander on jobsite
  • Easy cord management
  • Management warning light systems
  • Machine Weight: 88 lbs, Additional Weight: 31 lbs, Triple Disc Weight: 37 lbs

Should you add the Spider to your lineup?

The Pallmann Spider is a valuable tool for anyone in the flooring business. Its innovative three-disc sanding system, powerful motor, and dust-free sanding make it a popular choice among professionals. If you’re looking to increase your productivity and achieve consistent, high-quality results, the Pallmann Spider may be the perfect solution for your sanding needs.

We’d love to set you up with a jobsite demo with the Spider or any other machine you’re thinking of investing in. Find a Pro Shop near you to get started!