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Your Guide To Mesquite Flooring


Common Name: Honey Mesquite / Black Mesquite
Scientific Name: Prosopis glandulosa / nigra

Heartwood tends to be a reddish brown, which darkens with age. Sapwood is yellow in color, and tends to be thin.

Can Mesquite Be Used For Wood Flooring?

Mesquite often has a reputation of being hard to work with. It is one of the most dense species of hardwood in North America. However, once cut and milled for flooring, it is a terrific option for use as a wood floor.

Mesquite can be used as a solid or engineered floor, and can be sanded smooth, left with natural saw marks, or hand scraped for a more rustic texture.

Most people do not stain their mesquite floors, and only put a clear coat of protective finish on top to allow the natural reddish brown appearance to be featured. This color will naturally darken with age and lead to a rich patina.

Mesquite Floors Are Very Stable

Did you know that mesquite is the second most stable wood species in the world? Wood floors made from mesquite are very stable and do not expand and contract as much when exposed to moisture or humidity. They are an excellent choice for dry climates, and perform well in all types of homes and areas where there are significant swings in humidity.

Mesquite Floors Are Durable

If you have large pets or small children you won’t have to worry about your floors being dented or gouged. Mesquite is a very dense species, meaning it takes a lot to leave a mark in this hardwood. With a Janka rating as high as 2,340lbf, mesquite is twice as dense as a white oak floor. While this makes mesquite sometimes tough to work with, once it is installed, you’ll have a floor that will last for generations.

Mesquite Floors Can Be Glued Down

Because of their natural stability, mesquite is a great option if you are installing a wood floor over a concrete slab and need to be able to glue directly to your subfloor. Mesquite will not expand and contract as much as other wood floors, which is ideal for glue-down applications.

What Can I Expect With Natural Grade Mesquite Floors?

While many species like oak or maple have universal grading systems, mesquite flooring is not graded the same. When comparing suppliers, it’s important to know what you can expect as far as knots, color variation, and lengths. Here is what you can expect when buying Natural Grade Mesquite Flooring from RW Supply+Design:

Long Lengths

We don’t sacrifice length for a cleaner look. Our proprietary grade maximizes length while keeping the classic character that mesquite is known for.

Unique Character

Expect a mix of knots, clean grain, and some color variation. Natural Grade hits the sweet spot of some character, but not too much. Any knots or cracks in the boards are pre-filled with black epoxy no filling needed!

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Mesquite wood flooring
Natural Grade Mesquite Flooring – 5″ Wide

We stock Natural Grade Mesquite Flooring in our Austin, TX distribution center and can ship to any of our locations or anywhere else nation-wide.

Natural Grade Mesquite Flooring

  • Solid flooring, 1/2″ thick
  • Up to 6′ lengths
  • Available in 3″, 4″, 5″ or 6″ widths
  • Pre-filled knots – no need for black epoxy
  • End-matched boards – makes for an easy installation

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